MIn ProgressBuilding Cambodia, 2017 Collaborators: Jane Luk, Janet Tam Team: Magic Kwan, Kenrick Wong, Fionne Chan, Harrison Lai

WaterHall Project, located in Sneung Village of Battambang in Cambodia, is a community hall which houses a pump and filter system that generates clean water for locals. The social architecture project won the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Architect Community Project Fund sponsorship. Waterhall Project sustainably provides safe drinking water to underprivileged communities, whilst creating a social hub to garner social gatherings, celebrations, and community festivities. It also mitigates the pollution problem created by plastic bottle waste. The discovering and documenting of local building technique and handicraft making methodologies was important during the design process, as it serves to inspire modern architecture.

Sneung is a remote village located in the outskirts of Battambang, which was previously ravaged by landmines in the Khmer Rouge era. The village uses a lake nearby and wells as its main water sources. This means that access to water is very unreliable, as the lake is dry for half of the year due to recurring droughts and floods caused by climate change, and wells are contaminated by pollution from nearby factories. Furthermore, the village is also affected by waste pollution caused by constant usages of plastic bottled water.

In order to alleviate the water shortage problem, our team raised funds and created the WaterHall Project. Water is collected from both natural rainfall and the nearby lake which is then filtered through the system, providing safe potable water for locals to collect and use. With the villagers able to use locally made ceramic jugs and bottles to carry filtered water, the plastic bottle garbage pollution problem is then mitigated.

Upon its completion in the Spring of 2019, we were able to get filtered potable water while Battambang was experiencing the worst drought in its recent history. The project was greatly welcomed by the local community and created a communal hub, cultivating the local community spirit.

Water Hall is the winner of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Architect Community Project Fund 2017.


Sneung 是一個位於馬德望的偏遠村莊,在赤柬(紅色高棉)時期曾被地雷嚴重破壞。村民的主要水源為附近的湖泊和水井。由於氣候變化引起的反复乾旱與洪水,和附近工廠污染的污染,這些水源變得非常不可靠。因此,該村不斷使用塑料瓶裝水,造成廢物污染問題。

為了緩解水資源短缺的問題,我們籌集了資金並創建了水堂項目。 從自然降雨和附近的湖泊中收集水,然後將其通過系統過濾,為當地人提供安全的飲用水以供使用。 村民們能夠使用當地製造的陶瓷壺和瓶子來運送過濾水,從而也減輕了塑料瓶垃圾的污染問題。

在2019年春季建成後,馬德望正遭受近期歷史上最嚴重的干旱,而水堂卻能夠提供過濾飲用水。 該項目受到當地社區的熱烈歡迎,並成爲公共樞紐,成功培養當地社區的精神。


Ptea Teuk Dong

The Hong Kong Institute of Architects