OO Blocks

XSCompleted / BuiltProduct Team: Magic Kwan, Kenrick Wong, Fionne Chan

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The story of OO BLOCKS began with the question: how do we represent letters and words in the simplest way possible?

Shaped by Shadow and Light

An OO BLOCK is an alphabet block that you can touch as well as see, shaped by shadow and light.The alphabets are shaped by simple cuts and carve-outs precisely milled, leaving a smooth gentle texture on the blocks. The premium grade wood is carefully chosen to evoke the best color contrast under daylight.

Orient Occident Block

OO Blocks stand for Orient Occident block, literally meaning east-west block. They serve as a reminder of our past as they contemporize the traditional printing block.

Timeless Art Piece

Abstract shapes of OO BLOCKS capture your infinitive imagination and become versatile timeless pieces of art. It can be a tactile learning toy for children; it can be a decorative piece simulating shapes of houses at home ; it can be the perfect gift for your loved ones on the most special occasions. Your 26 pieces of OO BLOCKS will forever remain a timeless, elegant piece of art that will be loved by you and your children’s children.

A Multi-categorical Product

OO BLOCK crosses many categories as the scale, function and purpose of the OO BLOCK is to be defined by the user. 

A Children’s toy 

The OO BLOCK can serve as a children’s toy and educational piece. It is well known that children learn through play and our OO BLOCK enables this intersectional form of learning. As children play with the different letter blocks they may begin to recognize how different letters are created with the interplay of shadow and brightness. Furthermore, they can stack and organize the blocks in different ways, leading to an improvement in spatial awareness and learning.

A Gift for your Loved Ones

As a gift, the OO BLOCK can be bought individually by letter or as a set with all 26 blocks packaged together. Perhaps a special word or name would be bought when a user buys OO BLOCK for a loved one. Or perhaps all 26 would be bought as a set, for a gift to a child as a toy. Packaged in a box of 26, the OO BLOCK is packaged so all 26 cube shaped blocks sit nicely stacked within a cube box.

Decoration for your Home

As decoration, OO BLOCK embellishes any space. The beautiful interplay of light and shadow makes the OO BLOCK a piece of art, especially in spaces dappled by daylight. Watch as the OO BLOCK changes dimension throughout the day as different directions of light interact with them.



OO Block 的故事由一個問題開始:「如何以最簡單的方式表達字母和字詞?」


於是,我們構思了OO BLOCK。它是一個可觸摸得到、並由陰影與光線塑造而成的字母塊。 我們嚴選優質木材,並以簡單的切割和精確打磨而製成木塊,在陽光的照射下,可見其平滑的紋理外,亦可折射出最佳的色彩對比。


OO Block是 Orient Occident Block, 字面意思是東西木塊。它們將傳統印刷版現代化,迴響我們的歷史。


OO BLOCK有別於一般的字母玩具,抽象形狀可引發用家的無限想像,它可以是兒童的觸覺學習玩具,亦可融入家中作裝飾之用,甚至成為只屬於你的藝術品。它可能是送給您愛人的完美禮物。您的26件OO積木會是永恆而優雅的藝術品,受您和您孩子們的孩子的喜愛。


OO Block 能跨越多個類別,因爲規模用途和功能由使用者定義。


OO木塊可以用作兒童玩具和益智玩具。眾所周知,孩子們通過玩耍來學習,而我們的“ OO塊”可以實現這種交叉學習形式。當孩子們玩不同的字母塊時,他們可能會開始認識到陰影和亮度的相互作用會如何產生不同的字母。此外,他們可以以不同的方式堆疊和組織塊,從而提高空間意識和學習能力。