La Lumiere

SCompleted / BuiltInteriors Hong Kong, 2017 Client: Private Team: Kenrick Wong, Wilson Tam

Inspired by Aircraft Design

La Lumiere simulates and elevates the atmosphere and shapes from aircrafts. The clients were a brother and sister who were living together. The elder brother had an affinity for airplanes and thus the design of the home was centred around the features, feeling and form of aircrafts. Sweeping curves, overhead compartments and custom storage take precedent from aircraft form.

Scandinavian Design and Pastel Color Palette

Inspiration from Scandinavian design was applied, especially to the younger sister’s room. Natural light oak wood and a pastel colour scheme was the basis for our material palette for her room. Floor cabinetry was designed for hidden storage.

Ambient Lighting and Darker Effects

The living, dining and master bedroom were specifically designed to be darker with veneer wood as the basis. Special strip lighting was used and embedded into the custom builds to enhance the mood of the darker living space.


La Lumiere 模擬飛機的氣氛和形狀。客戶是一起生活的兄弟姐妹。哥哥喜歡飛機,因此房屋的設計圍繞飛機的特徵,感覺和形式。掃彎曲線,高架隔間和定制存儲是飛機形體的先例。