Cambridge China Town

XLConceptUrban / Planning Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2018 Client: Private Team: Kenrick Wong, Magic Kwan, Louis Shing, Wilson Tam

Chinatowns are the quintessential symbol of the Chinese and other Asian disapora’s reach. Over hundreds of years, these similar yet unique neibourghoods appeard across the world, becoming home or an agit to the many millions who have ventured beyond the middle kingdom or people who strive alone to look for a sense of home. Every Chinatown has evolved differently as they’ve married Chinese traditions with local culture.

唐人街是華僑的聚居地,亦是中國的典型象徵。數百年來,唐人街由華人合力形成其獨特的文化與社區,有解鄉愁、守望相助的意義。 每個唐人街亦有不同的演變,廿一世紀的唐人街應有何獨特之處?我們參考中國北京四合院及胡同的設計,並把其意念融入當代建築設計風格,保留傳統元素外,亦可融合當地的建築群。