Yunnan Hotel (with Kengo Kuma and Associates)

LIn ProgressInteriors Yunnan, 2012 Team: Magic Kwan

Onsen Landscapes

Derived from local landscapes of serene rice patty fields, the key design concept for Yunnan Hotel is to sit within its picturesque landscape. It utilizes surrounding nature from natural hotsprings, reflecting designs of traditional Onsen accommodations.

Inspired by Local Culture

Visitors are embraced by architecture inspired from local arts and crafts designs in the hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants and pools. The pools were designed to reflect the local terraced rice patty fields. Curved courtyards and roofs are inspired by nearby rock landscapes. The facade used local patterns to create a natural filter for daylight. The restaurant has a bamboo lattice feature.

Local Materials

Nearby sources of widely available but unique timber and bamboo were used to design features for the hotel. The landscape design features local trees and plants.


雲南飯店的當地設計源於寧靜的稻田景觀,其主要設計理念是坐落在風景如畫的風景中。 它利用天然溫泉周圍的自然環境,反映了傳統溫泉住宿的設計。


在酒店客房,大堂,餐廳和游泳池中,遊客被當地藝術和手工藝設計啟發而被建築所擁抱。 水池的設計反映了當地的梯田水稻田。 彎曲的庭院和屋頂受到附近岩石景觀的啟發。 外牆使用局部圖案為日光創建自然的濾鏡。 餐廳具有竹格特色。


附近的資源廣泛但獨特的木材和竹子被用於設計酒店的特色。 景觀設計以當地樹木和植物為特色。