Radisson Hotel Saint Kitts and Nevis

XLIn ProgressUrban / Planning St Kitts and Nevis, 2015 Client: Private Team: Magic Kwan

The resort is a large scale resort situated on the hill overlooking the sea. The challenge was to locate the views for each hotel room so the view of the ocean would not be obstructed. The master planning was done with sensitive attention placed on the visitor’s sequence, approach, and amenities scattered across the site. Outdoor sculptures, landscape features and various resort amenities such as spa, restaurants, infinity pool etc. were strategically placed.

The infinity pool was designed with along a sweeping arc that borders nothing but the sky, horizon and the sea.

The use of the material was inspired by the volcanic rocks that were ubiquitous on the islands, and the use of jute mesh and the woven fabric was to compliment the relaxing nature of the site.