Hostel Siem Reap

MIn ProgressInteriors Cambodia, 2018 Team: Kenrick Wong, Magic Kwan, Fionne Chan, Louis Shing, Helen Kwan, Chloe Lui, Rosie Chan

Siem Reap in Cambodia is not only famous for Angkor Wat but also its traditional home-made rice wine. Located at the village next to a paddy field, The Airbnb hotel design superimposes the local Cambodian living culture with the rice wine making cylinder spaces and processes. The site was originally a typical Cambodian style police station and a rice godown in Khmer Rouge Period. The hotel / museum illustrates the past, present and future of the lifestyle using local yet modernized building material and motif.

柬埔寨以吳哥窟聞名於世,然而暹粒的傳統米酒也是不容忽視。Airbnb酒店位於暹粒村莊內的稻田旁,並遙望吳哥窟。 該選址最初是殖民地時代柬埔寨風格的警察局及赤柬時期的稻米倉庫,我們以當地釀造米酒的器具及倉庫的形狀為民宿外型概念出發,設計出多個圓筒形建築及空間。每個圓形空間各有自己的功能,透過精心的佈局讓住客穿梭一個又一個空間,豐富住宿的體驗。天臺有一個觀景臺可以遙望吳哥窟,亦有一個階梯坐級讓住客消閑。地面厨房玻璃旁的竹閘趟開,可以變成社區厨房和餐廳。 這是酒店,也像是博物館,以現代建築方法,揉合過去、現在及對未來的想像,展示出當代的柬埔寨生活風格。